Afnan Prince Iftikhar: “Anyone can be a model”

Afnan Prince Iftikhar, a 29-year-old model, musician and artist from North Shields talks to our Fashion North team about how he approached his career in modelling, music and acting.

Afnan discovered his first passion in music about 12-years-ago: “I’m never tired of it. I find it easier to express myself through music.” He is also involved in acting and has been for more than 10 years. Alongside that, he is currently working full-time as a model for Tyne Tees Models Agency.

“Modelling it is a real sort of creative hub. I’ve had nothing but only positive experiences. I’ve been doing it for about eight years now. As long as you approach the situation, the casting and the job with positive attitude everyone is going to have a good time,” Afnan says.

“I started my modelling career by accident. I got spotted in the streets and I though that someone was having a joke.”

By the end of this year, the singer-songwriter will release a new-record and several collaborations with other bands. He will also apply for working with different labels in music and to achieve his dream career as a musician.

Watch Afnan’s advice in how can you be a model and what it takes on the video below.


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