After The After Party: How to end your night in style

Our themed location shoot was based around the idea of going on a night out and the events after the night is over. Because once your night is finished, you’re not always ready to head straight home.

We focused around the theme of neon colours and incorporated this within the model’s makeup and clothes.

In this shoot, we chose four different outfit choices for the four locations we were shooting at, making sure each look blended with the surroundings. We changed the makeup look also depending on the colours linked with the location we were shooting at and also changed the hair.

For the fast food location, we decided to fit the outfit and the makeup within the interior and theme of the shop. We went for a 70s rock inspired look, by using black lipstick and dark makeup, with a black and white printed dress. This worked well as the background of the location was very vibrant and bright, so the outfit itself didn’t need to be too striking. The theme of this location was the idea that you go straight for fast food when the after party ends, and this “grungy” looking fast food shop was the perfect location.

For location two, we focused on the idea of flagging down a taxi after you’ve finished the night and ate your fast food. We used a traditional black cab on Newcastle Quayside as it created some class and style to the shoot. The sequin dress was the perfect outfit to fit with the black leather interior of the taxi. For the makeup styling, we used bright eyes with a red lip as the outfit wasn’t very bright itself, we added pops of colour within the makeup and accessories.

For location three, the idea was that you’ve had your fast food, jumped in a taxi which has dropped you close to your hotel, and now you head to the local supermarket before hitting the pillow for last minute snacks. We used an Asian supermarket for this as the colours of the shop were bold and bright to fit with our theme and the idea that it was a unique supermarket created a better look for the shoot. We styled our model with a bright orange dress to contrast well with the colourful shelves of the shop. We also used pink and orange eye makeup to fit with the outfit.

The last location was the Malmaison hotel in Newcastle. We used the oriental outfit in these shots because the velvet decor of the hotel complemented the dress really well and made it stand out. We used a high ponytail for the hairstyle as it fitted in well with the oriental styling and added lots of highlight to the makeup, along with bright eyes and green undertones with a pink lip.

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And see our video here…

Photoshoot details:

Styling: Victoria Cummings, Kheira Reeks, Corie Brewer

Model: Erin Abdulla

Makeup: Corie Brewer

Social media and video footage: Kheira Reeks

Photography: Victoria Cummings


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