Alexander Wang and The Weeknd WANGXO collaboration

The Weeknd has taken 2015 by storm and has climbed his way to the top. The king of the fall went from the mysterious R&B artist to performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and now he’s collaborated with Alexander Wang. Go and tell your friends about it!

Alexander Wang and The Weeknd have been spending a lot of time with each other recently and it all made sense why during The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness tour. The pair has teamed up before and WANGXO is back.

WANGXO @alexanderwangny

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WANGXO is a limited edition capsule collection, designed by both Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, and Alexander Wang. Both Wang and Tesfaye teased fans and posted a video on their Instagram’s and we are told to ‘stay tuned’. Stay tuned? The suspense is way too much for us Wang and Weeknd fans! It isn’t helping that The Weeknd continues to tease us by posting snaps on Instagram of their new collection! The Toronto based artist has been sporting the designers for the collaboration during his Beauty Behind The Madness tour and it’s just how we expected it to be- dark and edgy; a combination of the two artistès.

WANGXO @alexanderwangny

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The collection is said to include T-shirts, hoodies, bandanas and high top sneakers. The Weeknd’s Instagram followers got a sneak preview of the black and white leather high top sneakers in a close up shot which Tesfaye posted on day six of his madness tour.

Safe to say he’s keeping us updated (taunting us) by posting pictures of him wearing the new collection that will be soon to be available to buy. Of course there hasn’t been a release date or pricing list for any of the merchandise but that’s The Weeknd for you- always keeping it a mystery. There is one thing that isn’t a mystery though, the day it is released websites will be crashing, twitter will be going mad and everybody will be trying to get their hands on some of WANGXO merchandise. It’s going to be madness!


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