Alice’s Adventures in Fenwick’s Winter Wonderland

Fenwicks Window

November 7 saw the unveiling of Fenwick’s Christmas window. This year’s theme is rather peculiar, the famous window display mirrors Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Alice in Wonderland.

With traditional music reminiscent of the curious fairy-tale cascading from speakers outside of Fenwick and the soft touch of fake snow falling from the roof, the scene couldn’t have been any more magical. The department store has never been short of the wondrous, rather eccentric themes, but this year’s display echos Carroll’s imagination and brings the book to life through eight individual windows.

Onlookers were first transported down the rabbit hole, hidden in a bundle of vivid flowers and toadstools along with the White Rabbit himself. The windows are filled with iconic items from the books and films.

The next widow held the all-important Drink Me potion which is perched on a glass table. Next up Carroll’s imagination really came to life with the smoking caterpillar surrounded by shisha pipes. In keeping with the Christmas theme, decorative Christmas baubles hung from gigantic mushrooms as the Caterpillar asked Alice: “Who are you?”


The Cheshire cat was swiftly in our view in the next window sitting lazily on a tree, as Alice spotted the two twin boys Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. Without any help from these mischief makers, we took a turn with Alice and landed our feet at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

A very graceful serving of jam tarts, Victoria sponge and cream cakes were met with generous helpings of tea in fine-looking traditional silver and polka-dot teapots. Fairy lights hung over the gingham clad tables as the Mad Hatter sits proudly at the top of the table.

The tension building meeting between Alice and the Queen of Hearts is beautifully worked into the window,complete with life-size playing cards. The windows end as Alice wakes up from her dream-like state, in a flurry of cards, spiralling clocks and every little Alice in Wonderland prop you could think of.

On the night the Fenwick window opened, people dressed as characters from the 1865 novel greeted guests outside of the Northumberland Street store. Fenwick have turned this mystical, peculiar tale into a beautiful Christmas setting, which should definitely have the North in the spirit of the season in no time.

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