April Fools! The best pranks from our favourite fashion and beauty brands

Every April Fools Day, we expect companies to head to social media and hit the newsletters with a fake (and often ridiculous) trend/product attempting to fool us and this year was no different.

From spreadable Yorkshire Tea to the Mcdonald’s milkshake sauce pots, they’ve really pulled out all stops.

We’ve picked out our top crazy beauty and fashion pranks of April Fools Day 2019 that may have had some of you convinced.


Credit: Superdrug

Superdrug newsletter subscribers received a bizarre email showcasing options of ear-art including glitter ears for festivals and ear contour. While the looks were OTT, we can still imagine some being rocked at festivals as a 2019 trend but for now, they were just another April fool.


They actually went one step further and invited the press to try a ‘L’Etoile’ an up and coming cruelty-free brand. But actually, they were just Superdrug products in disguise. Very cunning!




Scents were a popular prank choice this time around with Strongbow and Revolution promoting new alcohol scented fragrances. We can’t imagine the Fruit Noir cider option smelling too great (sticky bar floor comes to mind) but a pornstar martini perfume might actually work.


Boden clothing released a breaking news style video this morning announcing that Breton tops will now be banned due to the upheavals in Europe, and anyone who owns the stripey T’s will have to apply for an EU license card. This funny video relates to the tragic Brexit situation Europe is currently going through, however, offering a star removal system to current EU flags, doesn’t seem as simple as removing stripes from Breton T-shirts.


Primark’s attempt has to be our favourite. A sock vending machine was photoshopped into a few photos of capital cities. While it may not be the real, the idea was kind of perfect. Many of us are guilty of just going in for a pair of socks and coming out with bags full of new buys. This way, we could avoid unnecessary spending.

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