ASOS features visibly disabled model in activewear campaign

While most brands have embraced diversity over the last few years, very few have featured women or men with noticeable disabilities in their advertising campaigns.

However, ASOS have released a new activewear campaign featuring models of various backgrounds, genders and abilities to encourage their customers to see working out as a fun and positive form of self expression — not a burden to their day.

ASOS have featured, a visibly disabled model, Mama Cax, in the campaign who is a blogger and well known speaker for body positivity.

I wrote a blog post and realized I didn’t post it here on Instagram. Trust me, that blog post is worth a big bright smile 😉 What happens when you go to a spa and the masseuse starts crying at the sight of your scars. A little recap of my morocco trip and how a trip to the spa thought me to stop holding myself accountable for other people’s feelings. “…..took off my shirt, exposing several scars throughout my body (from my failed hip replacement & amputation)- I turned around to find her weeping then crying uncontrollably at the sight of my body. First couple of thoughts that quickly came to mind were: “Maybe she knows someone with similar scars and it’s bringing painful memories” “Maybe she thinks I’m in pain” “Maybe she’s trying to imagine what I must have gone through to earn these scars” All these thoughts brought me back to senior year in college when….” full story on the blog, link in bio . As always let me know what you think, or if you’ve experienced anything similar 😘 #mamacax #boybrow ________________________________________________

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ASOS have taken a step forward by displaying diversity on a whole new level. Showing models with disabilities in their campaign is key to changing societies’ attitude towards disability.


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