Barbie’s best looks: 60 years of glamour

On March 9, Barbie turns 60 years old. In honour of the doll that shaped our childhoods, Mattel have released a sell-out, $60 anniversary tribute Barbie doll.

The diamond anniversary doll shares a distinct likeliness to the first ever Barbie, released back in 1959. Both dolls share iconic features, such as a high ponytail, red lips and black-and-white attire.


To commemorate the occasion, we selected our favourite looks that Barbie has presented to us over the last 60 years.

The Original Teenage Fashion Model™ Barbie® Doll

Barbie couldn’t and wouldn’t be where it is today without the release of the original, now vintage doll. It has become such an iconic look that it was recreated as part of the 50th Anniversary collection back in 2009.



Black Barbie® Doll

The first African-American Barbie was originally released in 1980 and has been replicated in more recent years. The doll sports an afro and wears a red gown with golden details. At the time of original release this was a big step forward for African-American representation.



Barbie® Robotics Engineer Doll

The robotics engineer doll, released in 2018, gives young people the inspiration and encouragement they need. Just like the entire ‘career dolls’ collection, it speaks at volume to the future generations and proves to them that the sky is the limit.




Ken® Fashionistas® Doll 7 Preppy Check – Original

Barbie’s partner in crime, Ken, was introduced in 1961. Since then, a new collection called ‘Ken Fashionistas’ has launched and includes a variety of Ken dolls, each of them having one of the three body types: broad, slim or original. This identifies the issues surrounding body diversity for men as well as women.



Other Barbie looks we love include:

Glam Gown Barbie® Doll



Barbie® Inspiring Women™ Series Katherine Johnson Doll



Barbie® Doll with Lifelike Bendable Legs



Barbie™ 2018 Holiday Doll




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