Tried and Tested Tuesday: St Tropez VS St. Moriz Self Tan

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Cold weather is here to stay, which means my natural glowing tan has faded away, just like the summer. Being a true Northern girl, the one essential I must have is my fake tan for those winter nights out because, let’s face it, who doesn’t feel better with a tan!

I’m all for buying higher end products, especially if it avoids the disaster of streaky orange legs, that’s why I splurged out on the St. Tropez self tanning mouse to see what all the fuss was about; at the price of £31.

This simple yet amazing product is perfect for that natural holiday glow, easy appliance, streak free and even scented coconut; what more could you ask for? However, the bottle is small so, if you’re a frequent self tanner, using this product on a regular basis may start to get pricey.

St. Moriz spray tan shouldn’t be knocked at a price of £2.99, and this light brown glossy tan is definitely the answer to your problems. Being instant, there was no chance of streaking. It was easy to use, lasted up to a couple of days and there is more product in the bottle than its St. Tropez rival!

Is this product just a quick fix or could it be the future of fake tan?

Overall Verdict: St. Moriz is value for money and works like a dream.


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