Beauty Trend: Glitter Roots


Photo: Dayna Palmer

Women are choosing to ditch the box hair dyes and instead turning to a pot of glitter for a colourful root touch up.

In time for the festive season Fashion North’s own, Claire Taylor, gave glitter roots a try to see if it is worth the hype and wearable.

As it requires a lot of glitter, prepare to be cleaning it up for the next couple of days, it gets everywhere! Here’s what happened:

Sitting in the house with glitter in my hair I have to admit I did feel fabulous, though it quickly came to an end when I had to answer the door to a charity worker, making me feel very self conscious.

Hair spray was my choice of sticking agent, though after a while the back of my head got an annoying itch which I couldn’t touch as I would leave a trail of glitter.

North East blogger, Lotte Kerridge, from lotteebeautybox, spoke about the trend saying: “I have not tried it myself but it looks super cool. It’s such a creative idea and something I would definitely like to try out for myself. It’s definitely a very interesting and cool new fashion trend.”

Kitty Hannon, a 21-year-old Newcastle blogger and Marketing and PR Assistant, said: “Personally I just don’t get it! They’re definitely not for me, as I feel it’s more of a trend for people with a really extravagant bold and daring style. I also feel they only really look okay on people with wacky hair colours like pink or lilac or blue. I’m not convinced they’d look good at home in my boring blonde hair!”

Miley Cyrus recently stepped out to ONE Campaign and (RED)’s AIDS benefit concert wearing pink glitter roots making her sparkly pink outfit ultra colourful.

After trying the trend out, I feel that it would have to be a one day only style. It is quick and easy to achieve for a festive twist on a hairstyle but after two shampoo washes it’s still a pain to get out.

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