12 Days of Christmas: Four Calling Birds

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The humble phone case over the last few years has become as much as status symbol, as the rest of your outfit. So we’ve handpicked our favourite four perfect for the Christmas season and beyond.

Castify.com has so many good cases we struggled picking out a beauty, but this one with its clear case shows off your phones colour whilst catering to your sweet tooth.

Amazon has plethora of cases but this one is a tale as old as time. I know our shopping editor will be swooning over this Beauty and The Beast case, and at £3.50 it’s an utter bargain.

Skinny Dip at Topshop is the brand of the moment with everyone scrambling to get their hands on their cute creations. This sparkly case is not just perfect for the Christmas season, but all year round to brighten up your day.

If you want to treat yourself this Xmas then Markus Lupfer (favoured by the likes of Kate Moss and Zoe Ball) has created a collection revolving around everyone’s favourite mouse, Mickey. Granted it’s a little bit more expensive, but it is Christmas after all!


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