Berry lipstick bonanza: how to choose your perfect shade

In need of some divine inspiration when it comes to choosing your new winter lipstick shade? Not sure which one best suits your skin? Well, we here at Fashion North are here to help.

It’s closing into Christmas and the winter is well and truly here. Meaning, it’s time to start cracking out those winter lippy shades and berry is at the top of everyone’s list.

But, when it comes to dark lipstick, it’s easy to mismatch your colours. So what’s the shade matching 411?

We spoke with Rebecca Allan, a Newcastle based makeup artist, to find out what her top tips are for finding that beautiful berry shade to suit you:

Understanding what undertones your skin has…

Rebecca’s first tip for finding your match made in berry heaven is to understand whether your skin has warm or cool undertones. Getting to grips with this makes it easier to shade match to your skin tone.

How do I know whether I have cool or warm undertones?

She suggests that you can usually tell you have warm undertones if you have more sallow skin (yellow) and if you tan very easily and if your veins in your wrist are more green coloured. However, you don’t have to match all of these characteristics.

Skin with cool undertones, she says: “tend to have red or pink flushes, or sometimes you can appear blue-ish. You tend to burn more easily rather than tan and the veins in your wrist may appear more blue and purple.” These are commonly found in people with paler complexions, although they aren’t exclusive.

Which berry shades match best with my skin tone?

To the untrained eye, most lipsticks we deem ‘berry’ all look the same. However, it’s quite the contrary. Some have deep purple hues whilst others have crimson and brown, who knew?

Rebecca advises that those with deeper and warmer skin tones to lean more towards lipsticks with red and brown hues as they’re more complimentary to you. Whereas, if you have a cooler complexion, naturally a cooler tone of lipstick would suit you better. So go for something with a more purple or blue-ish colour.

What now?

Now you know how to perfectly match those lips to that skin, get out there a rock that gorgeous berry winter staple.

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