Beyond Fashion North: Episode 6

Welcome to Beyond Fashion North episode 6.

In this episode, Lauren Robinson, Kheira Reeks and Candice Farrow discuss a range of topics including the neon fashion trend, hitting the high street this season, the rise of social media influencers and what that means for our wardrobes. We also cover clothes embellished with sweat and Christmas jumpers.

Kheira (left), Candice (back), Lauren (front)

We touch on the current neon fashion trend and look back on our own experiences with the bold, beautiful colours that have made a comeback. Kheira mentions never wanting to wear the trend but is easily persuaded. If neon sounds right up your street you can check out Fashion North’s neon necessities piece here.

On to social media influencers, we look at how bloggers are changing the way brands market their clothing and how we buy. We discuss how influencers change the way we see fashion and fake followers that some so-called influencers buy to stay ahead of the game and the tactics Instagram are taking to combat the issue.

Wearable art made by Alice Potts from bodily fluids, disgusting? genius? If you’re as curious as we are about this subject then tune into the podcast to find out more about this topic and which bodily fluid is involved…

We end by discussing Christmas jumpers and when it’s acceptable to bring them out of hibernation. Some places start selling as early as October but some people believe they’re acceptable for December only. What’s your opinion? Tweet us and let us know at @Fashion_North



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