Bold but broad: 1930s menswear

Throughout the 1930s casual menswear garments were inspired by broad shoulders and thin waists.

Tailored wear such as suits, trousers and collars were widened and made longer, to imply men having a small midriff and longer legs.

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Over the years, garments narrowed even more and eventually became named ‘the classic fit’, which we wear today.

These garments feature bright colours, with repeating but quirky patterns displayed all over the garment.

Within the mood board displayed it shows a variety of suits, coats and hats which were almost worn everywhere in the 30s. During this period, as you can see men wore high trousers with suspenders styled with a shirt and a vibrant tie.

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A key trend during the 30s for menswear was hats, a few in particular such as the Stetson hat and Flat caps, which were usually made from tweed and herringbone. This accessory featured a wide brim with a deep crown lying nicely on the head. Another massive trend was trench coats, which was seen upon every man within the 30s and was loved due to their unique feature of deep, square, pockets positioned high upon the coat. The straight cut made the men look more masculine and larger, which gave them a sense of importance.

In the image below, you can see all of the men lined up against a wall which are all wearing the trench coat.

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