Why the 1920s play a big part in today’s fashion

The 1920s or as other people say the roaring 20s was such an innovative decade for fashion. After the war people started to go out more and experiment with fashion, especially women.

Because women could finally vote they embraced a more flamboyant and vibrant lifestyle.

After the war boned corsets and full skirts were out and were replaced by the flapper dress with its low waist design and art deco embellishments, it still remains as the most famous garments of its era and a lot of fashion designers take inspiration from this look in today’s industry.

Obviously, we have moved on from the art deco scene however, you can still wear more contemporary 1920 looks today with different types of embellishments and styles.

The trend is actually coming back in fashion with a lot of retailers and brands putting their own take on the 20s era. House of Fraser, LookAgain, SilkFred and J.D. Williams are to name a few.

The 20s era was such an incredible time for fashion, everything was over the top but not in a ‘tacky’ way, which is why so many people still love the movement today.

See below our top online picks and some Pinterest inspiration.

J.D. Williams-  Scarlett & Jo Art Deco Glitter Lurex Dress- £45


















SilkFred- Art Deco Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress In Pink Blush- £49

House of Fraser- Bella Maxi Dress- £167














LookAgain- Twenties Party Dress- £39.99

For more inspiration on the 1920s, click here 


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