Broke With Expensive Taste

This Photoshoot was inspired by people and influencers who enjoy higher brands but have a tight budget and source their designer items from third party sellers at a reduced price and how we can pair these expensive pieces and pair them with high street clothing to create and overall expensive and fashionable look. I wanted all my outfits to be ready to wear and city based fashion, this is why I shot my photographs in the city centre of Newcastle.


Casual Contour 

The model is wearing a brown matching tracksuit from Topman (£45.00), Vintage Burberry cap (£65) from Depop and a Louis Vuitton DamierJoshua Backpack in Brown (£1165) with white and red air force 1 (£99.99).


Burberry Boy In The City 

The model is wearing a white Nike t shirt from Asos (£19.99) paired with vintage Burberry shorts (£85) from Depop, all white Nike air force 1’s (£80) and a vintage Burberry backpack from vestiaire collective (£350).


Back Alley Boys

The model is wearing a vintage Burberry jacket from Ebay (£55) with a grey hoodie from Primark (£10), Burberry inspired cargo pants (£25) from Depop and red Nike air force 1 (£99.99).


Gucci in Gosforth 

The model is wearing a vintage Versace gold denim jacket from Depop (£200) paired with Gucci pants from Depop (£450) and a plain white hoodie from Asos (£15) and beige and white Nike air force 1 (£99.99).


High Fashion Meets High Street

The model is wearing a plain white T- Shirt from ASOS (£5) paired with Vintage Burberry pants (£120) and trench coat (£250) and finished off with gold pair of Nike air force 1 (£99.99).


Model: Nick Celino

Styling: Dillon Hall

Photography: Dillon Hall

Photo retouching: Dillon Hall & Nick Celino

Clothes provided by: Dillon Hall, Nick Celino and Ethan Scorer


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