Summer with a scent of Childhood

Let’s not forget the sweet memories of our childhood when we wear pretty and colorful outfits that bring us joy and lift our spirits. It’s a well-known fact that colours have profound psychological effects and can impact our mood depending on the choice. This article is made to inspire you in a positive way and hopefully bring back some sweet memories of summer holidays.

Who doesn’t love Disney and balloons? The following outfit features a selection of vibrant colours, with an emphasis on the yellow denim skirt from New Look. Balloons will always remind us of the happy times when we were just kids.

The model is wearing a T-Shirt from Zara(£17.99), New Look Skirt (Buy Similar item), Adidas trainers(£75.00) and Havana Gold Sunglasses (£161.30).

A simple look offered by an elegant and comfortable dress with a drop of purple can make you spin around in joy. Sometimes simple things in life are the best, just like enjoying a day in the sun. This outfit is designed to bring more colour in your life!

The model is wearing a M&S owned dress (buy similar item), and Platform Sandals (buy similar item). The outfit is completed by Round Glasses from Kurt Geiger(£13.44).

An innocent look offered by an youthful hairstyle paired with a cherisfull floral dress can make you feel 10 years younger. A book can not only make you look smarter, but it can also compliment your outfit. In this dress you can either read your book in the library or in the park, but you will always be the center of attention!

The model is wearing a Floral Dress (buy similar item) and Adidas trainers(£75).

Pink is the first colour that most girls fall in love with. There’s nothing wrong about feeling like a princess when you walk around in the garden and admire the beautiful flowers. We all deserve to be spoiled and this outfit is exactly what we all need more in our everyday life!

The model is wearing a Zara Dress (£27.95) paired with Platform Sandals (buy similar item).

Let’s dress up to look good in any situation, even playing with bubbles and having fun like back in the old times, when life didn’t have many worries. When stepping in a pair of Converse you are ready to jump and explore yourself while doing the things you love the most.

The model is dressed in a River Island Shirt (£39.90), New Look Skirt (buy similar item) and Converse Trainers (£52.00). The look is completed with a Zara Black Bag (£19.99)


Who doesn’t have joyful memories on the playground? The Only Distressed Skinny Jeans can offer you a comfortable look, and when paired with a Belted White Shirt nothing can go wrong. In this outfit you are ready to go down the slide in style!

The model is wearing a Zara Shirt (buy similar item), ASOS Jeans (£15.20), River Island Bag (buy similar item) and Puma Trainers (£90). The outfit is finished with a Sekonda Watch (£25.02) and Channel Sunglasses (buy similar item).

Photography by Ana-Maria Pintilie

Styling by Ana-Maria Pintilie

Makeup Artist and Hairdresser by Ana-Maria Pintilie

Model: Ana-Maria Pintilie

Location: Ishbillia Village, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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