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I’ll be the first to admit, my favourite part of Halloween is dressing up. It’s the only night of the year that you can go out with your hair unbrushed and makeup unblended. The excitement begins when you try and decide on what to dress up as. You want something original, something scary but not too scary right? Well I know where you can find your Halloween accessories and outfits- all on a student budget of £1! Where other than the trusty Poundland?

Makeup: We all know that feeling when you are waiting to go out and resisting the urge to apply your makeup 3 hours too early. Halloween makeup is so much more fun! There’s no struggle to perfect your winged eyeliner and match your brows because that doesn’t matter on Halloween. You can put your Mac and Illamasqua makeup aside; with fake blood, Halloween scar tattoos, glow in the dark makeup kits, vampire makeup kits, false nails, fake eyelashes and black lipstick on offer, Poundland have got you covered!


Hats and Hair: Yep, that’s right they sell wigs. What’s the point in buying one for £10 or more when you can one for just £1?! Poundland stock pink, blue, green and black wigs so take your pick this Halloween! If you’re being a witch then of course they sell witches hats; some even have hair attached! They also sell headbands, some with devil horns and some with bats.

Masks: If you can’t be bothered with makeup at all, Poundland have got you covered; from full face masks or just an eye mask if you still want to wear a black lipstick with your look, its great to make any costume more girly if blood and gore isn’t your thing.



Clothing: Poundland have just about every Halloween horror outfit covered. If you’re a vampire- check, they sell capes. If you’re a witch- they have your broom. If you’re doctor death then they have your biohazard mask and bloody apron. If you’re some sort of killer this Halloween then pick toy axes, toy tridents, toy knifes or toy chainsaws.

Decorations: Having a cosy night in with a bowl of sweets and an old horror classic? Poundland have got some brilliantly spooky decorations  for your home, and for as little as £1, you can decorate your whole house without breaking your budget on expensive decorations which will just be put away for next year.

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