Cereal chic: would you upcycle your cornflakes box into a designer bag?

Sustainability has been on the rise in the fashion industry for some time now but we never imagined we could create a handbag from the wastage from our weekly food shop.

Creative couple Matteo Bastiani and Chiara Rivituso, behind the Italian Instagram account @camera60studio, have turned shopping bags and boxes into stylish  arm candy. With over 11,000 followers crazy about their work they have created some incredible designs from some of the biggest brands in the world such as IKEA, McDonald’s, Tesco, Kellogg’s, Oreo, and many more.


However, this is not the first time a brand has decided to upcycle their products or have chosen to produce fashion by using food packaging. In 2014, Moschino released their A/W collection which covered a range of garments by serving up faux-McDonald’s uniforms, a Froot Loop peplum, SpongeBob SquarePants crop tops, and a Hershey’s chocolate bar dress. Moschino had also styled Lizzo in an identical chocolate bar dress to the Brit awards 2020 for her red carpet appearance. Although Jeremy Scott did not use chocolate wrappers, unlike Camera60studio who upcycle their packaging but still are recycling their garments from the previous years.

Photo credit: Pinterest


Photo credit: Pinterest

Here at Fashion North, we decided to take to Instagram to find out if people would find the bags stylish and if they would purchase one. More than half (54%) of you said they would not buy a bag because they are not fashionable.

Emma Sandford, 21, of Darlington, said: “It still looks like rubbish, it has not gone under any transformation into fashion.”

On the other hand, 46% agreed with the poll and found them to be quite an accessory to give any outfit a stylish flare.

Grace Cassidy, 20, from Newcastle upon Tyne, said: “I really like how they are sustainable and how the materials are recycled rather than just being thrown away, I think it’s something more places could do. However, I don’t like the design. I think more people would engage with the idea if the material was used to make something look good as well as it does good for the environment.”

If you have an old handbag you want to redesign or make your very own bag from your waste then head over to @camera60studio where they have a step by step tutorial to show you how they complete their work.

What is your favourite bag from the range? Tweet us @Fashion_North.


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