Character Select: Customisation

Are you tired of looking like everyone else? not being the main character like in the stories? Well here is a few looks to help you out with that!

There is an endless stream of fictional and non-fictional things we can take inspiration from and in this case it’s all about creating yourself as the customisable character in a video game or anime series that you’ve always wanted to be growing up or still wish could happen in todays choice of wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or exaggerated in anyway, it can all be attained by how you layer and what you can add to an outfit to compliment certain features as well as coordinate colours to fit a necessary aesthetic.

  1. Colour Palette always highlighting main features

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This particular look is all black from head to toe but the embroidered fang/lip on the jeans are heavily highlighted due to the contrast of the vibrant read and bright white being emphasised by the dark palette that surrounds it. Black on black you can never go wrong with, how you feel in the clothes and what it represents is vital, can you tell just by looking what particular interests I may have or my go to choice of style and colour based off these things alone? Your favourite song could be the inspiration for your next outfit and style journey!


2. Mixing Plain With Chaotic

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From the top the outfit is your everyday vintage denim jacket and a plain black jumper however because the design is simple, doesn’t mean the way it fits is “normal” but more oversized and hangs off the body in an appealing way which gives a cosy look, mixed with the chaotic with abstract design and vibrant highlighting colours which are hard to not look at and catch the eye of whoever is walking by. It is the touch of flare to the outfit that creates a whole new personality to you based off the cover which is you’re outfit, having that individuality about you that intrigues those you are surrounded by.

3. Layering Garments / statement piece

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How you layer your garments can make or break the outfit, if not create a new one entirely that changes your perspective on day to day outfits. LAYERS! There are so many different types of garments from t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers, vests etc. The combinations, how sizing fits, colour mix matches and accessories is endless, it’s all about how we construct the outfit in steps whether you wear the jumper over a hoodie or a t-shirt over a jumper it can all change the shape and make two garments look like one busy statement piece and in this case that piece would be the jeans which make the simple top look much more appealing than it would with a standard pair of jeans.

4. Jeans/Silhouettes

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If there’s one thing that really sells the look of a video game/anime character, it’s the overall silhouette of the outfit, how it sits on the body and how it is complimenting your features, all game characters and cool anime characters all have very extra designs with exaggerated clothing taking all sorts of shapes and sizes with all sorts of details, the main standout piece for me would be the jeans I wear on a daily basis and the unique designs and details that make them stand out from the rest which is exactly what you want from a “main character” look, to be at the centre of it all but in the case of how we dress and portray ourselves to people who don’t personally know you. It may spring up a conversation with someone who has similar interests just based off outfit alone!

Flared jeans or bell bottom jeans, embroidery and extra detailing are essentials when it comes to the garments.

5. Jewellery

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Sometimes the outfit alone isn’t enough to achieve the look you want and requires a little finishing touches to get the desired look. Jewellery is your best friend when it comes to adding that extra bit of edge, elegance or quirkiness to your outfit, the dark colour palette emphasises the shine of the silver from the rings, necklaces and watch which add not only to your outfit but physical features from your collar bone, wrists and hands, its the cherry on top and finalises the villain arc or hero arc you want to achieve in your story.

Bring your character customisations to life, be the you that you thought you couldn’t.


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