1930’s Old Money Style: What Is It?

An aesthetic known as “old money” is centred on an affluent, traditional look. People who have inherited wealth rather than earning it are referred to as “old money”. Old Money is linked to WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) culture in the United States, whereas in Europe it is linked to noble titles.

Why are we obsessed with the old money style?

A sense of luxury is created by the fashion, which features luxurious linen, polo argyle vests, white trainers and capris. The ‘old money’ style fascinates the younger generation. It has, in fact, fascinated people for many years. The idea that everyone can live a comfortable life if they put forth enough effort. The existence of social media has caused the concept of old money to affect the younger generation.

Old money is defined as wealth that has been inherited rather than acquired; it is an advantage of being born into the right family and under the appropriate conditions. It may be because of this that it is now more of an aesthetic fad than a lifestyle objective.



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