Coco Chanel: The Fashion Queen

Coco Chanel, also known as Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was definitely a significant style icon in the 1920s, bringing a new take on styling, and opting out from the previous era’s restrictive pieces. Coco Chanel didn’t go with the status quo, bringing out the usual corsetry that left women in a delicate and submissive state, rather, used masculine materials to create pieces with boyish charm. Chanel took the fashion lead believing that clothes should be casual and easy to wear. Completely moving away from the corsets and towards looser-fitting clothing, she did also bring in the statement belt that brought together the looser fabrics to still maintain that desired feminine shape.

Coco Chanel has brought us countless iconic outfits and styles that have shaped fashion entirely. The most famous piece that has stuck around for good would be the little black dress that is a must-have in any wardrobe and can still be found on sale today with pretty much any clothing brand like ASOS or the Chanel brand itself.

ASOS’ version of a little black dress

Even though Chanel wasn’t the original designer of the two-tone pump she brought them into style and they’ve never left. You can still find this glamorous shoe at SHEIN, as well as the likes of John Lewis offering a wide range of brands.

Shein’s two tone pump

Simplistic yet stylish is definitely the look Coco wanted to achieve, she brought in the idea of casual attire, overall liberating women’s clothing. Leading the flapper style. One of Coco’s key styles was the simple, chic pieces of jewellery. Pearl earrings and necklaces. Check out the way today’s designers from ASOS have reinvented the pearl look and see if you could style it as well as Coco Chanel herself.


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