Creeper Sneakers are creeping back again


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At the age of sixteen most girls dream of adding to their forever growing shoe addiction, most girls opted for a more feminine selection, you know the sort- flowery, pink, and strappy. But not me; not me in any shape, way or form!

We’ve all been there when you’d be walking home past that spot in town and there would be a group of scary looking goths, dressed in their usual black attire, wearing more eyeliner than your 10 year old self when discovering your mums makeup bag, well they are typically the sort of people you’d expect to wear creepers. Your parents however will associate them with leather jackets and permed hair reminiscent of the Teddy Boys in 1950’s England.

So, in 2012, creepers did just that and creeped their way onto celebrities feet, such as Rihanna, and then into the shops and you no longer had to wear a mass amount of eyeliner to wear them. So, on my sixteenth birthday, I wanted a pair, not any old knock off creepers that began to circulate but I wanted an Underground pair.

Pointing proudly at the pair of creepers I wanted, I got a flashback to the film This Is England, you know when Shaun wants a pair of Doc Martens and his mum says: “No! They look like thug boots, they are awful!’’ only my mum didn’t have to say this, it was written all over her disgusted face. I folded my arms, stomped my feet and huffed a little first but I got my beloved creepers. They were just how I’d imagined them, I was walking on a two inch block and I felt fantastic. Those two inch’s made a big difference to my 5’2 height and people began to clock why I wore them every day, oh how I wished to be taller.

I wore them for a year straight. They came everywhere with me and to think of them now after three years, all abandoned, shoved at the back of my wardrobe all tatty and ripped makes me a little sad. I may have to dig them out again because they’ve appeared on Rihanna’s feet, again! She’s collaborated with Puma and created a sporty-looking creeper. I remember getting stopped on a night out by a stranger and he said: “I didn’t recognise you without your creepers’’. Safe to say, I only wore them 4 out of 5 days that week.


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