Daisy Chain: High end looks at an affordable price

We all know how hard it is to find an outfit on the high street these days, with fast fashion quickly turning trends around it’s hard to find what’s for you before it’s gone and replaced with a new trend.

This leaves us with little choice when looking for something that doesn’t fit in with the trends on TikTok. We visited Daisy Chain Charity Megastore in Gateshead to try and style some outfits that strayed away from the micro-trends you see on your for you page.

We participated in a styling challenge to create a look that could go from 9 am to 9 pm. An outfit that would work for a morning lecture at Uni and a late-night drink with friends.

I opted for an all-black ensemble that consisted of a black midi skirt and a sleeveless, silk black mini dress that was tucked into the skirt to appear like a top. It was paired with a pair of black and white strappy slingback heels and a black bag perfect for carrying all the university essentials!

Photo credit – Lucy Baker

To elevate the look for the evening outing, we chose to add a stylish faux fur jacket that completes the outfit.

Photo credit – Lucy Baker

Details of the outfit are below:

Top: no brand, £5

Skirt: no brand, £3

Bag: new look, £2

Shoes: M&S collection, £5

Faux fur jacket: M&S collection, £30


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