Denim: The staple of everyones wardrobe

Denim has always been a go-to when you are looking for something to wear. It can be a casual outfit like denim jeans and a top or it could be for a dressier event, wearing a denim skirt and a dressy body suit.

In the 1800s, when denim was first invented, it was used for miners and workers. They needed something suitable and reliable for work. So, this is when jeans were invented. However, denim didn’t become mainstream until the 1930s. There are different types of denim that are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe. For example, there is denim jackets, skirts and shorts. Denim is also a unisex trend, so everyone is included.

Jessica Foster, 20.
Denim Jacket – Boohoo
Denim Jeans – New Look
T-shirt – Vant band shirt
Shoes – Vans

Jessica doubled up the denim for her look with a mixture of blue and black denim. She said this was one of her go-to outfits because it was so comfy and really represented her.

Sam Pour, 19.
Denim Jeans – Hollister
Hoodie – Hollister
Shoes – Adidas Stan Smiths
Hat – Tommy Jeans Cap

Sam was repping Hollister with his outfit as well as dark blue. He said this was an everyday outfit for him, its comfy but also quite dressed up for him. Sam loves his branded clothing. His whole outfit had some branded name.

Grace Birdsall, 21
Denim Jeans – Primark
Jacket – Tesco
Sweater – Disney Land
Shoes- Converse

Grace said this was a very lazy day for her, so she chucked anything on. This outfit is a very comfy casual look. She wasn’t doing much for the day, so she dressed down.

David Smith, 22
Denim Jacket – Topshop
Denim Jeans – Primark
Plaid Shirt – Primark
Under shirt – Next
Shoes – Dr. Martens

David braved the double denim disaster and pulled it off. His outfit gave off a rock/indie chic with the denim, plaid shirt and Dr. Martens. He said this is his type of style what he would wear on an everyday basis. He said he also loves to layer up his clothes.

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