Dorothy Perkins Launches Plus-Size Range

DP Curve

Dorothy Perkins has expanded their Womenswear line to include a plus-size section called DP Curve.

The collection currently consists of 60 items and is available from size 18 to 28 on the company’s website.

Items in the line include body-shaping jeans, fit-and-flare dresses and a selection of workwear-appropriate blouses.

Head of design Mel Mercer told the Daily Record: “We have used advanced design techniques throughout our fit process to design with a fuller silhouette in mind.”

The news of a curvy collection from an Arcadia Group store caused a lot of hype on Twitter, as the plus-size community buzzed about a new place to buy clothes.

However, some people were left feeling underwhelmed when they took a closer look at what the collection was offering.

Vicky Frankland, plus-size blogger at The Curved Opinion said: “Apart from a couple of highlights, this collection is lazy and predictable. Dated panel dresses, ‘hide the bulge’ flowing tops, old fashion blouses and the same shapes and styles were consistently repeated throughout. I’m really disappointed.”

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