Emo to alternation pipeline

When hearing the term ’emo’ what comes to mind for many people is long bangs, skinny jeans, stripped shirts, heavy eyeliner, and chokers. However, the style itself is more than that and has developed over the years, with new sub-cultures of style being born from the different ways in which people have interpreted the emo style. Many people now refer to the modern day emo style as ‘alternative’ instead.

Many versions of the style incorporate similar aspects such as band shirts, Doc Martens, and dyed hair. Tumblr was the main platform where a lot of the emo style inspiration came from in the early 2010s, with the platform being a big area where a lot of the issues that come with being emo can be seen. TikTok is where more of the modern day emo style comes from, with one of the sub-styles being called the e-girl style.

Exploring the style can be interesting, even with the same aspects coming up in many looks. the style can be a form of self-expression for many, whether that be expressing their personality, their task in music, or how they are feeling at the time. Many call their looks alternative, even if they fit with the emo style.

Tumblr takeover

The classic Tumblr look every teenager wanted to achieve in the early 2010s, from the worn out trainers to the couldn’t care less expression.

(Get the look: 1975 Robbers t-shirt is from USC, but here is a link for a similar shirt here, the flannel is from Shein, find it here the black shorts are from Boohoo, find a similar pair here, the vans are from the official Vans store, find them here the glasses are the models own prescription glasses, the black bracelet is the models own, find a similar one here, the amethyst necklace is from Crystal Moon, but find similar here)


Early 2000s Emo night out

Imagine an Emo night out on the town at age 15, everyone is wearing their band tees, the red and blue tartan skirts are here, the chokers are out, and everyone’s smoking or drinking when they shouldn’t be.

(Get the look: Pierce The Veil top from USC which is discontinued, find similar here, tartan skirt from Boohoo, find similar here, spike choker from Shein, dice bracelet from a charity shop, find similar here)


E-girl takeover

The e-girl style borrows from the Tumblr style with oversized shirts, just styled differently, with the shorts not showing, almost as if they are wearing a dress with knee highs and makeup that enhances how tired they are.

(Get the look: Cycling shorts from Primark, knee highs from Primark, find similar here, find similar here , witchcraft top from Boohoo, glasses from a nightclub, find similar here)


Modern alternative night out

In modern times, on nights out the emo style can be made more alternative with girls showing more skin, with either their jackets on or off. Many opt to wear little makeup, while others will have full faces and big eyeliner. Everyone can now smoke and drink legally in the nightclubs instead of on the streets like they may have in the early 2000s as teenagers.

(Get the look: Black crop top from Shein, Trousers from Select, find similar here, jacket from Primark, find similar here, bag from Primark, find similar here, ring from Shein, chain from Newlook)




Styling: Kaitlin Carr

Photography: Kaitlin Carr

Model: Tasha Spraggon

Makeup and hair: Tasha Spraggon and Kaitlin Carr




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