Fairycore: the whimsical trend

Fairycore is something that has been blowing up on social media, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest lately. It’s definitely been on my For You Page, but what actually is fairycore, and why is it becoming so well-loved?

Fairycore is a style that mirrors and commemorates the magical beauties of nature and folklore, such as fairies, and pixies. The style, although reminiscent of mythical creatures, also includes a lot of the physical attractions in nature, namely flowers, butterflies, mushrooms, and dragonflies. The aesthetic and style of Fairycore are often whimsical but heavily accessorised, making people look like actual real-life fairies.

Fairycore is wonderfully eccentric, and the styles that are created by the trend are none other than beautiful. TikTok is one of the biggest platforms that has been promoting fairycore, as users have taken to creating videos of them showcasing their quaint outfits. The trend is not only extremely picturesque but strays away from today’s fashion by using vintage pieces and handmade jewellery.

Image credit: Talia Doyle


Image credit: Talia Doyle

Talia Doyle, a 20-year-old model living in Berlin, looks like a real-life fairy and is an avid lover of fairycore fashion. “I like gold jewellery and green dresses,” Talia explained. Gold jewellery and shades of green are prominent features within fairycore fashion. Talia said; “I like the swirls on the jewellery, especially the arm cuffs.” Arm cuffs are a unique concept and well-loved by fairycore lovers. Fairycore rising in popularity is a positive thing, as Talia stated; “It’s more popular, but it’s cute and it’s opening people up to being who they want to be earlier in life.” More people are beginning to express themselves via the pretty aesthetic, and with the trendiness of fairycore, more people are discovering themselves and their style.

The Valentine’s Collection – Crystal Cocoon, Image credit: Phoebe Doyle


Crystal necklaces by Crystal Cocoon, Image credit; Phoebe Doyle


Amethyst necklace by Crystal Cocoon, Image credit: Phoebe Doyle

Handmade jewellery is a large part of the fairycore aesthetic, and there are numerous small business channelling the aesthetic throughout their creations. Phoebe Doyle, a 26-year-old from Hampshire, owns Crystal Cocoon, a small business selling handmade jewellery and crochet fashion pieces. Phoebe was inspired by her admiration and passion towards fairycore, “I’ve had my business for a few years now, but I only started moving into a more fairycore style of accessories in the last two years I’d say,” Phoebe explained. Phoebe’s favourite thing about fairycore is the whimiscal vibe, and fairycore is her favourite style; she said “there’s so much variation and I just feel (fairycore) in my personality and aesthetic.”

Crystal-based jewellery makes a recurrent appearance in Phoebe’s small business, “I feel that crystals bring something special to my creations – they definitely add to the fairycore vibe and I love their healing energy”, Phoebe told us. Social media has no doubt been a prominent factor in the rising popularity of fairycore fashion, and Phoebe confirms this; “social media has allowed whole communities, dedicated to the fairycore style, and the opportunity to be inspired by others.”

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