Sunflower Style: What to wear to a Sunflower field

Sunflowers are one of the best parts of Summer, there’s no doubt about that, but what do you actually wear to a Sunflower field? We have some tips for you!

White broderie dresses 

One thing you can’t go wrong with at a Sunflower field is a beautiful white broderie dress. The combination of white with the stunning yellow from the Sunflowers is striking and gives off a soft vibe, and a white dress will stand out in a field of Sunflowers.

This ASOS broderie mini tea dress is a perfect example of a broderie dress to wear to a Sunflower field. The silhouette of this dress is flattering, and the daisy style broderie design adds a subtle and cute touch. Imagine; you’re running through a maze of giant Sunflowers, picking out the best ones, wearing this white broderie tea dress, romanticising everything about your life. It’s perfect, right? This dress would look great paired with either some sandals or canvas shoes.

If you’re looking for a more delicate romantic vibe, this bardot style broderie dress by ASYOU is definitely a brilliant choice. The bardot neckline adds a distinctively feminine touch and the draped hem gives the dress an effortlessly pretty look, along with the broderie detailing. As well as this, the corseted waistline adds even more femininity to the dress, complimentary with the other feminine details. This dress is super feminine and delicate, and would look absolutely gorgeous in a Sunflower field setting, paired with some sandals.

Denim shorts 

Denim shorts are a simple yet effective way to style an outfit, and they can elevate a persons look instantly. Denim shorts would be a perfect addition to an outfit when visiting a Sunflower field, as not only are they flattering, they reflect summertime perfectly.


A great option for some denim shorts is this pair of Daisy Street X Chloe Davie mom style shorts. The golden celestial pattern against the darker denim is both pretty and unique. The high waisted style is definitely a popular choice, and the mom style fit of the shorts is relaxed but also looks amazing. Paired with a white blouse or babydoll style cami, this pair of shorts would look fantastic in a Sunflower field, and the gold detailing’s of the sun, moon and star pattern would tie in amazingly with the golden yellow of the Sunflowers. Again, these shorts would look so good styled with some canvas shoes or sandals!

Light blue is a colour that goes hand in hand with Sunflower yellow, the colours together look amazing. This pair of light blue denim shorts from New Look would pair well with the Sunflowers in the field. The frayed edges of the shorts give them a more edgy and rustic feel, for those who are wanting a more casual, laid-back outfit when visiting a Sunflower field. An excellent example of styling a pair of shorts like this would be with either a black or white racer vest, for a more casual feel, along with some trainers or canvas shoes. Alternatively, pairing these shorts with a puff-sleeve crop top would add more femininity to the look and dress the shorts up, and would look particularly nice paired with some sandals.

Satin maxi skirts 

Satin maxi skirts have been on trend since Spring, and their popularity throughout this summer is only increasing. People are opting for the more toned down romantic look of satin skirts in more muted colours this summer, and these versatile pieces would be a great option for wearing to Sunflower field.


Sage green is no doubt one of the prettiest colours in our summer wardrobes this year, it’s definitely been a favourite for summer 2023 so far. This beautiful satin maxi skirt would look enchanting when worn in a Sunflower field, the colours would go unbelievably well together, as this natural earthy shade of green is super pretty. This skirt in particular would look amazing paired with an ecru cami or crop top, and would look especially striking paired with bell sleeves, the vibe that combination would give off would be immaculate. The model is wearing off white Converse which is definitely the perfect pairing of shoes for this skirt, but the skirt would look great with… you guessed it, sandals!


This ecru satin skirt is definitely delicate looking, and also looks effortlessly pretty. The vibes this skirt gives are very feminine and soft and would look extremely fitting in a vibrant yellow Sunflower field. The ecru colour is a perfect use of a muted colour, the colour is a balance between white and cream, and stands out a lot less harshly than a bright white skirt would, for those who would like a more subtle look. The flattering high waisted nature of the skirt means the skirt would look pretty paired with a cropped sage green or pastel blue coloured cami, or a flowy bell sleeve crop top, and some sandals or white canvas shoes.

Of course, these are just a few styling tips on what to wear to a Sunflower field, the possibilities are endless! Will you be wearing any of these beautiful pieces? Tweet us your Sunflower field outfits on our Twitter, @Fashion_North!


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