Fashion History: Chanel and her love of Tweed

Fashion North looks back at the lasting influence of Chanel

As a medium of connecting the past and the present, fashion continues to influence our lives.

One of those is Chanel, a label that showcases the beauty of luxury with simplicity. Chanel was not just a fashion brand but they also fought the inequality inflicted on women at the time.

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GABRIELLE ‘COCO’ CHANEL Photographed c1950. Photo Credit –

Over time the position and roles of women began to grow, engaging women to do more diverse jobs which made the need for women to have more comfortable clothing.

Gabrielle Chanel’s designs were intended to make women feel at ease but also highlight their own femininity. She also aimed to create a fresh image for women by distinguishing them from the masses.

As a result, it inspired Chanel to design her first tweed outfits, which became known as the ‘Chanel suit,’ in 1921. As Chanel intended, the suits were comfortable for women by having a skirt – resting comfortably on the hips and a boxy, light jacket. The material ‘tweed’ was comfy and silky itself.

HBJRRB BOCCACCIO ’70, Tomas Milian, Romy Schneider (wearing Chanel), 1962. Photo Credit –

As the “Tweed style” became famous over the decades since the original was created,  similar designs are now available at an affordable price. One example is a pocket tweed Jacket from Mango priced at £79.99. Another example is a Knitted Tweed Jacket and Skirt Two-Piece Suit from Goelia priced £126.

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Although Chanel is a heritage brand, Coco’s original designs still influence garments today.

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