What is a #GANNIGirl?

The new Ganni x Coggles collection has caught the eye of many like-minded girls all over the internet, who are now referring to themselves as #GANNIgirls.

A #GANNIgirl is someone who feels comfortable and confident in themselves which shows in their style; it’s not centred around the clothes but instead around personality and attitude. The whole Ganni aesthetic is built around the contrast between femininity and masculinity, something that definitely attracts the women of today.

Ganni is famous for its colourful knitted vests, large collars, beautiful silhouettes and of course the holistic approach to sustainability. The Danish brand has established itself as a luxury fashion brand since the mid-2010s. The brand’s lower-end prices, luxury quality and status continuously attract celebs and influencers as well as the everyday working woman.

The stark clash of a beautiful bow-detail shirt with some more masculine cargo pants perfectly encapsulates the Ganni aesthetic.


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Coggles has previously with Ganni, creating a fun and colourful capsule collection entitled “Steal My Sunshine.” The collection featured dolphin slogans, cerulean blue pieces, and the signature exaggerated collars. Coggles recently hosted an event where influencers such as @meganellaby were invited to see their new collection with Ganni.

@meganellaby Grandad with a touch of sass #grwm #fashion #styling #ganni #kitri #coggles @coggles ♬ original sound – Megan Ellaby


The brand also has a monthly series on their website dedicated to their cult following. It is entitled “Ganni Girls Around the World” and showcases incredible women from different countries styling their Ganni garments. So, if you’re on the hunt for some inspiration on how to become a #GANNIgirl then that’s definitely the place to start!

With the influx of “scandi-girl” style we have seen all over social media this past year, could the “GANNI-girl” be the next big trend?

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