Visiting Zara’s brand-new Metrocentre store

Following our last article on Zara’s reopening in the Metrocentre (read here), it was only right that we visited the new store to check it out for ourselves!

The first noticeable difference has got to be the size of the store. Although we knew that there had been an expansion, we didn’t realise how much larger it would really be.

In terms of the products for sale, there seemed to be a huge improvement compared to the original space. With the whole ground floor belonging to the women’s department, there was plenty of room to boast an increased range of clothes and accessories.

The shop now feels much more up-to-date, selling more on-trend items. Styles of clothes are also divided into different areas, making it easy to find a specific trend or colour you are looking for.

We noticed there were A LOT of denim and leather pieces available throughout the shop, so much so that they have a whole section for different styles of denim, from jeans and tops and jumpsuits.

As mentioned in the previous article, some shoppers were disappointed by the lack of clothes left on opening day.

We spoke to Mia Clare, a local content creator, who visited the store earlier in the day. She said: “We went at around 11:30/12:00 and it was quite busy, they had loads of stuff in but I was hoping for more basics.”

This is an issue we did notice too, and even with lots of newer pieces in, the shop did lack some trusty basics that we all love.

The busyness does appear to have now slightly calmed down, as Zara was fully stocked and very neatly presented on Wednesday, allowing us to appreciate the beautiful new interior and latest clothes, alongside their much-loved perfume range, known for being some of the best dupes for popular, pricey scents on the market.

Watch this Reel from our visit to see more of the new store:


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