Fashion styling challenge: Fit for the autumn breeze

Fashion styling challenge: Fit for the autumn breeze

September marks the beginning of the season of the falling leaves. To follow the needs and temperature of the season, a lot of stores are showcasing their own collection of clothing for Autumn. However, it will always be a question of what clothes to wear among the various collections that are pouring out. Fashion North is here to help you style the perfect seasonal fit.

We headed to H&M which is currently showcasing a collection of black and white garments amongst some familiar Autumn breeze colours. The outfit I had styled showcases three keywords: Y2k, leather and dusty green. Leather jackets are essential when you go out on a chilly evening as they are both fashionable and warm at the same time. The leather jacket (£39.99) is oversized which makes you move better while doing other activities. It’s vegan too so that’s a win.

Leather Jacket + Top + Cargo skirt + Eco bag + Sunglasses – all from H&M

It is styled with a dusty green ribbed top which goes well with the wood tones. I picked a bright tan cargo skirt  to complete the look. The cargo skirt hints at a Y2k aesthetic look which is the ‘IT’ trend of 2023 – giving a comfortable attitude and a slip of street style mixed with the classic design of the leather jacket. Accessoires are also key so I teamed sunglasses with a simple eco bag.

Outfit styled – all from H&M

We also added ring earrings (£7.99) – and black boots, to add a modern and classy vibe.

Bold earrings and Black boots –  all from H&M

What do you think of our Autumn-styled outfit? Let us know @fashion_north



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