Get your body confidence back with fashionable fitness

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Women are still battling body consciousness when hitting the gym, from baggy t-shirts to sports bras, it’s a constant fight to look good when working out.

Many women walk into the gym feeling like the whole room is watching them, so hiding their body is a natural reaction but is this doing more harm than good?

Andy Hobbs, 26, Assistant manager at JD sports Middlesbrough said: “We get a lot of people coming in to get larger sizes, it’s less of the crop tops and more baggy tops for women.”

Donna Deans, 31, Fitness adviser at Bannantynes gym in Ingleby Barwick said: “Supportive footwear is essential because it needs to support your weight. A lot of people wear plimsoles which can damage the heal of your foot especially when running.

“Trousers that allow flexibility is good they don’t need to be tight but joggers don’t really allow a lot of movement and can get caught in the equipment; the best way to test this is through lunges and squats.”

Capri running tights only £20 from JD sports was ideal and stylish for the gym coming in different colours and patterns to suit your taste. JD also stock a variety of sports bras at a price of £14 gave plenty of freedom for movement for work out

Want to add a bit of colour to your gym outfit? Then these Nike Air Max Thea hold great support for running and are stylish too.


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