Most Fashionable Reuseable Bags to save you 5p per shop

Accessorize, £19
This London print shopper has useful pockets for putting smaller items in and is a good size for your everyday shop.
British Heart Foundation, £2.49
Buy one of these woven shopper bags from any BHF charity shop to donate to an important cause and receive a multi-purpose bag too.
Dotcomgiftshop, 2.95
This recycled fabric shopper has a perfect autumnal print (giving a very Orla Kiely vibe!) that will look stylish and hold your shopping well.
Dotcomgiftshop, £14.95
This oilcloth tote will be great on a rainy day as it will protect your groceries and add a bit of colour to your day.
TkMaxx, £19.99
If you're doing a big shop, this huge bag with reinforced handles can stomach the weight of your shopping and look pretty while doing it.
Tiger, £1
For only a pound, this cute canvas bag will carry a small load of shopping, or maybe even some books back from the library.

Large retailers in England are forced to charge 5p for a carrier bag from October 5 due to a new law named the Single Use Carrier Bags Charges Order.

This means when you pop into ASDA for your weekly shop, there will no longer be any bags available for you to carry your shopping in for free.

However, it’s all for a good cause. Research from showed that the number of plastic bags taken from supermarkets in 2014 had increased for the fifth year running, even though the average household already had 40 carriers stashed away in the house.

This means plastic bags were being thrown away, causing environmental damage and creating an eyesore on our streets and rural areas.

It can be hard to remember to take your own carriers when you’re going to the shops, so why not invest in a stylish Bag For Life that you won’t be embarrassed to put your groceries in?

Fashion North has the low-down on where to buy the most durable yet attractive reusable bags to carry your items in. We’ve added our favourites to the slideshow above. Why not tweet us @Fashion_North with a picture of your favourite bag!


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