Five self tanning tips for the perfect summer glow

There are many ways to achieve a natural looking tan with the help of high street tanning products. If you’re naturally quite pale, a gradual tanning product such as Bondi Sands Everyday Liquid Gold or Garnier Summer Body might be the best choice for you.

Our five fake tan tips

What you’ll need:

Do your self tan research

It’s important to read up on self tanning products before buying them to make sure they are suited to you and your skin type. If you’re a busy person you might want to opt for an express self tan which you can wash off within 1-3 hours. Read reviews and invest in a tan that is perfect for you.


Exfoliating is an essential step before applying your false tan. It will get rid of any remains of existing false tan, and renew your skin ready for re-application. Use some exfoliating gloves with a scrub or shower gel suited to your skin to make your skin silky smooth and ready for some serious tanning. Also any shaving should be done 24 hours before tan application.


To avoid your false tan collecting, it is important to moisturise the dry areas of your skin for a smooth application. An oil free moisturiser would be best, however you can use the moisturiser which is most suited to your skin. Apply a small amount to your elbows, knees and tops of your feet.

Grab a mit!

Once you’re exfoliated, moisturised and have chosen your false tan, you’re ready to apply! Use a tanning mit and apply in circular motions, making sure all the tan is smoothly blended in. If you’re home alone and have no one to help you to tan your back, invest in a Bronzie mit which can help you!

Get into your onesie and chill

A onesie is optional in the hot weather, but it is the best thing to wear after tanning as it can save your bed sheets. Sit back, relax and let your tan develop, achieving that perfect summer glow.


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