FN meets the family trio behind luxury lingerie brand ‘Kasa Intimates’

We spoke to the brand who make you want to feel “a little bit like Beyonce”.

Starting a business can be difficult, but imagine starting a business with your two sisters! Well, for this family trio it’s been an exciting rollercoaster journey of 11 months which created Kasa Intimates. “As with any business venture there can be hiccups and challenges, moments where tempers can flare but with being so close we’re back to singing dramatic musical numbers a few minutes later.”

The sisters in question are: Rachel, 28, who works in financial PR in London, Lauren, 23, who works as an estate agent in Newcastle and Chloe, 18, who goes to Newcastle College, studying Fashion Business & Retail.

All the girls have a background in a mixture of fashion and the business education. Rachael has a degree in Business & Events Management, Lauren who has a diploma in Fashion Retail & Enterprise and Chloe is doing her Fashion Business & Retail diploma now. Aside from all working in fashion retail over the years, this is first jump for the girls into the fashion industry!

Each of the sisters bring a different aspect into the brand to mark it work, Lauren draws the designs, she says: “I’ve always dreamt of being a designer for my own company so this is amazing.” Rachael has more experience on the business end of things so looks after that side and Chloe tells Lauren and Rachel what they should and shouldn’t do! Lauren says: “basically what is cool and what isn’t cool – me and Rachel are both getting on.”

Although the business idea started under a year ago, wanting to start a business has been a idea that the sisters have all amired, “We’ve always wanted to start a family business, we just never felt like we had an idea strong enough until Kasa. We’ve always been quite a creative family, i.e sketching and buying material.”

Going back to basics, the aim inspiration for the designs was  “keeping things basic”, although they still want the lingerie “to be pretty and exciting”.

The girls seen there was a gap in the market for reasonable priced basic lingerie, Lauren started sketching a lingerie collection in her spare time, never with the view of it going anywhere. Once Rachel and Chloe seen the designs they all started to chat about potential business ideas. The thought process hit close to home as the sisters zoned in “what we’d like to wear.”

Lauren says: “I would never have taken it any further than this if it wasn’t for a mild meltdown about what I was going to do with my life when my little sister, Chloe, just told me to stop whining and just start my business, ‘what have you got to lose’ she said.”

These stylish sisters aim to please the ages of 18-30, the reason behind this, Lauren says: “our ages basically run within this and we all wear our own designs” and they are starting the business with simple sizing including S (8-10), M (10-12) and L (12-14). The sisters state: “we hope to broaden this when we can expand our orders.”

The ethos of Kasa Intimates are “helping women feel comfortable and fantastic in their underwear every day” The sisters want to steer away from the boring basics of the high street and offer something that gets the job done while helping you feel “a little bit Beyonce.”

For many girls, it’s a dream to own your own fashion business, asking the girls what advice they would give to other girls in the North East who want to create their own fashion brand they said: “There will be several moments when you sit and ask ‘what the hell are we doing?!’ but it’s the most exciting, most interesting and most satisfying thing to pursue.” The sisters boast the end result is worth the wait and worry  “to see something you’ve created come to life and have other people enjoy it as well – it’s amazing.”

Although this brand has only just emerged onto the North East scene, the sisters are already planning more exciting ventures such as, new designs which will released over the summer to swimwear and nightwear which is promised we will see within the next 18 months!

Plans in the future for these North East girls is to be able to ship worldwide and to be able to own their own Kasa Intimate store, rather than just selling online.

Speaking goals and all, the sisters ultimate goal comes in the form of a very Sex in the City style, “The ultimate goal is a shop and an office in New York… but isn’t that everyones dream?!”

Kasa Intimates are LIVE 31st of March, they have a discount code to get 10% off with KASALAUNCH’, to keep up with the girls follow Kasa Intimates on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter over at – @kasaintimates


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