From Paris to Berlin – Stylish Winter Break Destinations

Summer isn’t the only time of year that you can jet off on holiday. In fact, in some cases, Winter is the best time to get yourself away from all the hustle and bustle (and do some Christmas shopping while you are at it!) We have created a list of the most stylish destinations for you to choose from for this years Winter break! We even asked you what else you thought made these cities so iconically stylish:

  1. Paris

Is there anything more stylish than a Parisian? We think not. Paris is extremely well known for being one of the most style driven cities in the world. With its effortless, chic looking citizens and not to mention the boatload of cultural appeal the city has, you’d have a hard job finding a more iconic city when it comes to style. “The architecture matches its fashion designers. Overpowering and grand but with stunning intricate detail.” (Stephanie Fox)

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2. Berlin

Berlin at Winter time is definitely something to behold, especially closer to Christmas. Around this time, the city has an array of dainty but popular Christmas markets selling all sorts of food, fashion, and fancies. “It’s not all currywurst, steins of beer and museums. It has a vibrant art scene and it’s on of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe.” (Emma Philips) It’s on many of our bucket lists here at Fashion North.

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3. Krakow

This city is beautiful. The Old Town is the epitome of stylish with its abundance of old fashioned, terraced stores and horse drawn carriages. There’s plenty of independent boutiques that sell some amazing pieces from clothing to jewellery at pretty good prices.

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4. Milan

Milan has had the reputation of one of Europe’s principle trend setters for a very, very long time, with millions of people flocking there each year, to enjoy the extravagant architecture and high end stores. “It’s a city full of art and architecture and I think this really adds to the back drop for all of the high end shops so they look even more prestige than they already do.” (Talia Lincoln)

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5. Prague

This city is chock full of stunning, brightly coloured buildings from posh hotels to beautiful bars. Even the very lay out of the city is pleasing to look at, it’s definitely the perfect city for a romantic winter getaway! . “So many quirky and pretty buildings and some lovely stylish bars, such as Black Angels in the Old Town Square. So romantic too. Would definitely recommend the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.” (Alysha Stirling)

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