Galentines: celebrating female friendship and loving the women in our life

It seems more people than ever opted for Galentines over Valentines this year, suggesting we want to celebrate female friendships just as much as romance.

Seems like the perfect friendship to us! Image from Alamy

In the spirit of best friends and unbreakable bonds, we’ve rounded up the best shows and films about female friendship to prolong the festivity of platonic love.

  • The sex Lives of College girls on HBO and ITV X

This show is an ode to the new bonds women form and how deep and meaningful friendships can be, no matter when we make them in our lives. Exploring race, sexuality and financial troubles, there’s a storyline and character to speak to us all. We’ve already binge-watched it three times!

We are beyond obsessed. Image from Alamy

  • Everything I know About Love on BBC Iplayer

This show explores the ups and downs of female friendship, teaching us that some of the greatest love stories we have are with the women we have known since school. Based on the memoir of the same name by Dolly Alderton, this series will transport you back to the early 2010s and leave you with a warm feeling inside

  • Two Broke Girls on Amazon and All 4

This show was definitely ahead of its time. Featuring the legends that are Jennifer Coolidge and Kat Dennings, this comedy will have you clutching your stomach with laughter. It might be the most realistic portrayal of life in Brooklyn circa 2013, but the friendship between the main characters is poignant and almost perfect.

  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling pants on Amazon

It would be a crime not to mention this classic mid-00s film, featuring Blake Lively and America Ferrera. This film will make you want to start a travelling diary and transport you all over the world. But at its heart, it explored growing up and the friendships that make it all bearable. Whilst it is a Hollywood film, with an equally Hollywood-esque plot, this film is perfect for a girls’ night.

We just want a pair of jeans as perfect as the pair in this film. Image from Alamy

  • Booksmart on BBC Iplayer

This film is a bit of a hidden gem, depicting the last night of high school for the main characters. It’s funny, topical and heart-warming. The costuming and soundtrack make it a treat to watch and every single character is loveable in their own way. Another great pick for a girls night.

  • Little Women on Netflix

Whilst the four main characters are technically sisters, their friendship and love make it hard to miss them off the list. The bond the girls share is beautifully written and there is a reason the book and films are such classics. The story explored love, coming of age and grief against the backdrop of the civil war, but the lessons it teaches are irreverent.


What’s your favourite pick? Or did we miss one off the list? let us know @Fashion_North


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