Get the look: 60s inspired make up

The sixties were turbulent and an interesting decade full of changes within music, art, fashion and make up. Let’s take a look back at some the most iconic make up looks from this era.

The typical 60s make up look involved the dramatic cat-eyes, nude colour lipstick, and a neutral blush. The most emphasis was kept on eyes.

For the perfect look you must use black eyeliner, which you applied on the full upper lashline and crease or the second option was to cover the full eyelid with black eyeliner.

False eyelashes were needed and the last point for the best 60s inspired look. These aren’t the falsies that we’re used to today, they were created by drawing the lashes under the lower lashline. You can see in pictures below.

Photo credit: CosmopolitanUK

Twiggy is a brilliant example for the sixties inspired make up.

Photo credit:

Photo credit: Shuttershock

If you are keen to try the look yourself, watch the step by step video below.

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