Get to know – Elena Amos

– 18 years old – Spennymoor – fashion design and promotion –

I chose to study fashion design and promotion because I have a huge interest in how clothes can be influenced and styled which promotes more than just wearing clothes but expressing personal stylisation.



I am most looking forward to studying fashion illustration because I have always wanted to be able to create illustrations representing fashion but don’t know where to start so I think that will be super fun and will help teach me to draw hopefully. I also like the promotion side because I have done marketing as a subject in the past and it was super interesting.

I want to create my own brand and designs that represent my own style and blend between clothing and illustration with my own graphics on each design.

My favourite designer is Dilara Findikoglu because she is an upcoming designer who has only recently left university after studying fashion and I think the way she brings her personal life and identity into her designs is inspirational.

My style changes daily, to be honest, but usually it is quite streetwear based but my makeup is a bit more alt-inspired. I like to blend the two different styles.

My favourite time in fashion is between the 90s and 60s. I love flares and the 60s vibe but I also love the 90s Tommy Hilfiger streetwear style. I think both are expressive and have interesting history behind them with the freedom of the 60s against war and the inspiration of hip hop in the 90s.

My favourite fashion brand is Diesel at the minute. I love the 90s-inspired collections that are being brought back with Diesel. I think it’s really fun and creative with other brands not capturing in the same way. It is a shame that it is so expensive though.

Vogue is super useful to help find inspiration and use for mood-boards. I love looking through old and new to give myself ideas of what styles and garments can be made from looking at what has been featured in Vogue.

My personal interests are music, as I love going to concerts and everything to do with music. I love doing my makeup as I find it as a fun and creative outlet and I like drawing but I cannot do it to save my life. I think overall my biggest interest is spending money because I never have any from shopping and night outs.




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