Styling Challenge – Casual autumn outfit

As we head towards autumn, our style and clothing change to fit the weather. To help you with this transition, here is some inspiration for the new season!

Casual autumn outfit. All sourced from H&M.

As part of our styling task at the Eldon Square shopping centre in Newcastle, we looked in various shops to find an outfit which would fit a theme of our choosing. Going into H&M, which is one of my favourite stores, I was immediately inspired by the darker colour scheme and warmer clothing choices.

Black and white striped knitted dress from H&M.

I wanted to emulate a chic but comfortable aesthetic for my autumn outfit so when I saw this black and white striped knitted dress (£27.99) I thought it would fit well. Additionally, the material is extremely soft and warm making it perfect for the colder seasons. To style it, I decided to tuck the knitted dress into the jeans to make it look like more of an oversized jumper.

Denim blue slim mom high ankle jeans from H&M.

I then found these denim blue slim mom high ankle jeans (£22.99) that I thought would compliment the knitted dress and the overall colour scheme.

Black chunky Chelsea boots from H&M.

For shoes I chose these black chunky Chelsea boots (£39.99) to match with the black of the striped knitted dress and also for functionality as they would be appropriate footwear for the rain and cold we get during the later months.

Black quilted shoulder bag from H&M

Next, I found this black quilted shoulder bag (£18.99) to match, this put the outfit together for me and I could imagine wearing this to meet a friend at a coffee shop or another outing similar to that. The bag is lightweight and classy but stores a lot inside making it practical.

Black belt with gold accents from H&M.

To top it off I chose this black belt (£7.99) with gold accents as I was wearing gold jewellery that day and this can be a fun little way to incorporate matching elements in your outfit.

Flat-lay of casual autumn outfit. All sourced from H&M.

After finishing our styling task, we met up with course leader Liz at John Lewis and were asked to pick one item of clothing that was our favourite trend/styling item. I chose this White Stuff shelly brushed check scarf, orange/multi’ (£31.20) as I have noticed similar oversized scarves coming into trend and I think it adds a nice pop of colour to your outfit whilst also providing warmth.

White Stuff Shelly Brushed Check Scarf, Orange/Multi £31.20 sourced at John Lewis.

Me styled by Liz with the White Stuff Shelly Brushed Check Scarf, Orange/Multi £31.20 sourced at John Lewis.


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