Happiness in the Dark: My Personal Fashion Flatlay

As an introverted extrovert, I find a lot of peace in the company of myself but on the odd occasion I will go out into the big wide world with a select few of my favourite human beings. For our styling flatlay session in the photo studio, I styled a selection of items that describe me and give me comfort.

A goth that doesn’t read literature is unheard of right? It’s a sin. Well, one of my favourite books to read when I get the time is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, an iconic piece of writing with the most beautiful cover. This book was actually released in a series of clothbound classic books by Penguin in 2021.

A single black fake rose that is normally situated on my desk at home, not only are black roses one of my favourite flowers, but this was gifted to me by a fellow student some years ago when we studied fine art together. It was a beautiful gesture.

The Polaroid photos are of myself and Becci, my best friend, in Affleck’s, Manchester. It was our first trip away together to go and see one of our favourite bands, Slaughter To Prevail, who hadn’t toured in the UK since 2012. It was one of my favourite days I have ever had – the experience of having laughter and singing in a crowd on the outskirts of a moshpit with sweaty metalheads. Bliss!

The wine-red Paisley fabric found in the background is not only stunning to look at but I bought this for my second project. It was to be used as a lining for a Victorian cape. I started to create this but as every neurodivergent will probably tell you it is an unfinished project. One day I will get around to finishing it, it’s just today’s not that day.

Starting from the centre of this image we have my very beautiful Santa Muerte tarot deck. This was the first ever tarot deck I owned and taught myself to read, I’m still not perfect at it but it’s a work in progress. “The Lovers” card as you can see is flipped up the correct way, not only as a Gemini is this the card that represents me but I personally won’t buy a tarot deck if I don’t like the artwork on The Lovers card.

The crystal ball sculpture was made by myself when I studied fine art at college. The casting for these hands was taken from another best friend of mine and is made with Jesmonite mounted onto a piece of old oak. This was for the elements installation I created in 2021.

Rose Quartz, Peridot, Malachite, Morganite and Pink Agate are all of the crystals situated around this photo. All of these crystals have many meanings unconditional love, healing, compassion, transformation and self-acceptance. They have all come in handy for my own personal journey.

The very small Polaroid photo situated to the right of this image is of myself and my mam in late August of last year. We decided to have the day in Glasgow and went to the iconic Cut and Run Banksy Exhibit. Upon entering phones had to be locked in a pouch and could not be taken out until we left, so this photo is all the proof we have that we ever went, aside from the memories, of course.

The Green Wiccan Herbal Book and herbs I have situated around the photo are not only for spells but also natural remedies for ailments. I am from a very long line of hereditary Green Witches but, by practise, I am an Eclectic witch. This book was important to include to pay tribute to my ancestors and where my roots lie.

The business card I have situated in the centre was made by another best friend (I have very artistic and talented friends) and she drew this up and had them printed out as a surprise. These were my first ever business cards and I plan on keeping this design for a very long time.

The orange bobbin is to represent the Sam Weller Denim Project I finished in the first semester of my BA Hons Fashion Design and Promotion degree. This was the first ever project I had created and I had the most amazing feedback from all of the people who came to see my work. It also helps that orange is one of my favourite colours, closely followed by every shade of black.

Last, but not least, a single feather. I love feathers.  I have a collection of all different types, however, this one, in particular, my daughter brought home for me while playing out with her friends. “I thought you may like this mam”, she told me – a simple gesture making my day better and these are the moments that make parenting worth it.

It’s always the small things that mean the most.


The Green Wiccan Herbal by Silja – Amazon £11.55

Santa Muerte Tarot Deck by Fabio Listrani – Amazon £14.97

Penguin Clothboud Classics Dracula by Bram Stoker – Waterstones £15.00

Crystals – Geordie Witch, Eldon Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Paisley Fabric – BST Fabrics LTD, South Shields £5.85 psm

Gutterman Orange Top Stitch Thread –  BST Fabrics South Shields £3.75


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