Has TikTok made us fall back in love with the negroni?

In today’s crazy social media world, trends will spawn from anywhere and everywhere, but the latest craze sweeping TikTok is a cocktail of all things.

A promotional video of House of the Dragon stars Emma D’arcy and Olivia Cooke discussing the classic cocktail has gone rival on TikTok and now has 30.3K videos under the audio.

The cocktail, a negroni sbagliato (with prosecco to replace the gin) is a sweet relative to the more summery Aperol spritz. It’s also very easy to make into a mocktail, swapping the Campari, sweet vermouth and prosecco with bitter Italian tonic and a non-alcoholic sparkling wine instead. Add a dash of grapefruit juice for an extra kick to either and decorate with a lick of orange.

Two classic negroni’s, the speciality of Blacks Corner in East Boldon

Whilst the popularity of the five second clip might not be all down to how tasty the drink is, it is certainly making a name for itself with searches for negroni’s increasing 600% in the past 10 days, according to Google Trends.

Bartenders across the country have been experiencing a rise in negroni orders, but the assistant manager of local cocktail bar The Terrace said: “I think more popular now are cocktails with a specific flavour, normally sweet and fruit based, which is where a classic negroni has fallen a little bit out of fashion.”

However, hidden gem Blacks Corner, a speciality delicatessen and wine bar, actually has the negroni as one of its signature cocktails, and for good reason.

Classic negroni ingredients, pour from left to right…

Thomas West, member of the management team at Blacks Corner, called it “a classic Italian cocktail” and noted the need for its meticulous method of making as “a negroni can only be a negroni when it’s poured the exact way.”

The cocktail must be poured from the lightest to darkest spirit, which is gin, Campari and finally the Martini Rosso.

Fashion North editor Faraday Gamble-Gittings, and Blacks Corner supervisor Thomas West.

Fashion North visited Blacks Corner in East Boldon to learn the secrets behind creating the classic cocktail, and try our hand at being a mixology master. (It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it!) Watch how we got on on our Tik Tok @Fashion_North. 


However, Thomas did note that “it’s a really malleable cocktail”, by simply swapping out Martini Rosso for a sweet vermouth, the classic cocktail is taken to another level.

Be warned, whilst delicious, the drink is deadly and, as it is purely alcohol, it’s possibly not the best choice if you can’t handle your drink as well as the House of the Dragon stars can.

Let us know your thoughts and whether you’ve tried the viral drink at @fashionnorth



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