When Harry Met Sally, and we met Sally’s wardrobe

Our top five best outfits from When Harry met Sally, for you to take inspiration from this autumn.

The leaves are changing and I will unashamedly order a pumpkin spice latte. Do you smell it? Autumn is here.

It’s time to bring out the knitwear and scarves and dress appropriately (yet cute) for this season, and if you’re struggling for ideas look no further than the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally. This lighthearted romance not only provides us with (arguably) one of the best friendship-to-romance storylines ever, but immaculate costuming put together by Gloria Gresham.

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 1) The 80s were all about the pussy bows and we desperately want them to come back. They were a more feminine take on the suit and tie usually worn by men and in 1992 Giorgio Armani designed ‘The Empowered Woman’, a style which many women could imitate as they moved into the workforce.

Although we don’t see the bottom half of Sally, it could be assumed she is wearing a skirt, as was common with many ladies’ suits of the time, however because her character is independent and headstrong, I would not put it past her to be wearing pants.

Overall, this look is perfect inspiration for when you want to feel a bit more dressed up, not to mention her hair which is just a voluminous dream!

Credit: Alamy

2) Tailored trousers are already back in this season, but Sally takes this one step further with the perfect accessories: leather gloves and a fedora, ideal for keeping warm and still looking chic. Of course, the colour combo is a bit on the nose. 

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3) If you’re not ready to let go of your favourite shorts this season why not pair them with tights and the perfect knit sweater. Although this outfit would make me feel like I’m in the 2010s again, it seems the perfect way to wear something stylish while still being practicable; the plain black tights worn by Sally could even be swapped out for a floral or patterned pair.

Credit: Alamy

4) Sally is once again wearing the chunky knit sweater but this time she’s opted for something simple, cute and clearly prioritising comfort. It’s ideal for those days when you’re too cold and tired to put too much thought into what you wear. Brown and burgundy are also the essence of the autumn colour palette.

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Credit: Alamy

5) This outfit is an 80s classic: puff sleeves, poufy skirt and the V-shape bodice. But, even if it is a bit outdated, I still think the black velvet detail and emerald colour create the most perfect combination, possibly ideal for a witchy Halloween costume – complete with the curly hair of course.

Which outfit is your favourite? Let us know and tag us in your re-creation pictures @fashion_north


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