How clothing can bring us together, regardless of our generation

When I was younger I was definitely a tomboyish girl, as proven by the fact that I really didn’t like the colour pink, which is often a popular colour of girls. I don’t know where, or why, this vendetta against pink began. But my mum told me that, as far as she remembers, I never chose any piece of clothing in this colour.
I have a particular hatred for that horrible, strong, ‘barbie pink’ shade. This meant that, from my early childhood I had to always stand out from the crowd, whether its in my hobbies, opinions or (of course) my fashion taste.

My mum was the same, and she also stood out from the crowd with her style. Her motto is not to follow trends, be yourself and wear the timeless pieces. Even though she has never been able to afford luxurious things, she was able to make a great outfit from the clothes that she had. Because of this, she is a big inspiration for me, and not just when it comes to fashion. Honestly, she went through some horrible things, but I have always admired her enthusiasm. Even through the bad times of her life, she never forgets to style herself and be strong.

I think that, while sometimes the clothes that you wear can make you uncomfortable or anxious, They can also make you stronger and more confident.  

My mom when she was a same age as I am now

When my mum used to talk about her “younger self”, she would mention that plenty of her outfits were made by her friend or herself. 

I have three particularly valuable pieces in my closet. The first piece is a night-sky blue dress with white flowers that I received from my mum and she, in turn, had got as a gift from my grandma. It is also only thing she has from her mum after she passed away. She then gave this dress to me, and I love and take care of it because I know it means a lot to my mum as well as for me. 

I wasn’t lucky enough to know my grandma, because she passed away when I was five months old, but I can touch the clothes that she wore. This includes one of her favourite skirts that came into my possession. And, as I wasn’t able to know her, the closest I can get is through clothing like this skirt. Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but just from this simple 40 year old hand-made tartan skirt, I can feel a connection between me and her. Each time I wear this skirt I can feel like my grandma is with me.

The third piece is the black velvet dress with a chiffon fluffy skirt that I got from my mum. This dress is more festive so I only wear it for special occasions. I love it because this dress is timeless and black will be always in.

My mom dresses up in black velvet dress at wedding, 20 years later me in the same dress at the end of school year 

I am very much into vintage, retro clothes and I am really happy when my mum or grandpa find any interesting pieces of clothing that were worn by my mum or grandma. Because these skirts or dresses have an incredible soul and tell us stories. This is the thing that I the most love about fashion. 


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