How to make Christmas Day come a little quicker

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The night is finally here, Santa and his reindeers will be arriving on our rooftops within a few hours. As exciting as this is, there’s still quite a few HOURS to get through. The minutes tick by slower and slower, the smell of the mince pies that have to be left until tomorrow is becoming too much. So what can you do? What will make time go that little bit faster and make Christmas morning get here?

1) Clear out your wardrobe, yes this can be boring but what if you get new clothes for Christmas? Where are they going to go? Clear your wardrobe and have some fun with it, try on that dress that you haven’t worn in six year, test out that lipstick you’re still not sure on. Trust me you’ll appreciate the clear out now rather than on Boxing Day when you’re full of turkey.


2) Watch a Christmas film, very cliché but who doesn’t love a Christmas film? If you don’t have any , don’t worry, you can now buy films on Youtube, and The Grinch is on there. Or, if you’re lucky and have Sky Movies (which now has a Sky Movies Christmas channel!!!) there’s loads of Christmas films on there, Home Alone is on at 3pm and a Disney Christmas Carol is on at 6:30 pm, hello perfect night. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and tin of Celebrations.

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3) See your friends, whether you go to the local pub or go for a meal. Christmas is meant to be spent with those you love so why not spend time with some of your closest friends, go and reminisce about last Christmas or about what you hope Santa will bring, trust me, seeing your friends may just make time go a little faster.


4) Play family board games, again this might be slightly cliché, but everyone loves a bit of competitive Monopoly. If you don’t have any board games play something that can be made at home, try Pictionary, draw something and get your team mate to guess what it is – hours of festive fun can be had.

5) Christmas carol service, possibly the most festive ting to do on Christmas Eve. Visit your local church and watch their Christmas carol service with your friends and family. Or if there’s no carol service on then make your own, gather your friends and family and sing some Christmas carols, have fun with it.

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6) Look on your favourite online shops for things you like and hope they go into the Boxing Day sales. I mean there’s nothing worse than scouting the internet on Boxing Day and not already knowing what the shops have.

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