How to spend Christmas night


You’ve eaten your turkey, inhaled your mince piece and squeezed in some cheese and crackers. Now what? Do you nap? Do you walk off the turkey? Do you try and fit more food in? If none of these sound appealing then why not try one of our suggestions:

1) Watch Doctor Who, it may not be your cup of tea but it’s Christmas. Why not gather round the TV to watch one of the UK’s most popular series? (If you’re really not a fan, have a nap while it’s on – perfect hour slot to nap).

2) Try those new bath products you got. Make sure you’ve digested your food properly then try out your new products, light some candles aaaaaand relax.

3) Create a family quiz, make you’re own questions and get other family members to answer.

4) Watch a Christmas film, pick the most festive film you can and enjoy with a mug of hot chocolate, we recommend The Snowman or The Holiday.

5) Watch anything on TV that’s only acceptable on Christmas. From Eastenders to Miranda to Shrek the Halls, it’s acceptable because it’s Christmas.


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