Tutorial: Origami Christmas tree napkins


Do your napkins looking, dull, limp and lifeless? If so, why not think about turning it in to a festive Christmas tree with origami, they are sure to wow your guests. They can be created both with fabric napkins or paper ones so everyone can have a go. They will take just a couple of minutes to make and if you want to add further sparkle you can add a little ribbon you may have in your sewing box to finish it off.

Take your square napkin and turn up the corners leaving about half an inch between each turn-up.


Flip the napkin over, after that and fold the sides in to make a point at the bottom and flip the napkin back to it’s front.


Simply fold the top layer upwards toward the point and then tuck the rest of the layers under the one that came before it. There you have your little napkin Christmas tree. Simply top it off with a bow to finish it off.



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