How to turn a Poundland vase into a piece of art




What you will need:

A Vase

Acrylic paint

Extra white acrylic paint for mixing

A range of brushes


Paper towel


Step 1: Make sure the glass is clean. Remove any stickers on the bottom of the vase.

Step 2: Choose your base colour. Paint the entirety of the vase. Multiple layers may be required. Let dry in-between coats. A hairdryer can be used to speed up the process. Always use on LOW heat. Alternatively, leave to air dry.

Step 3: Choose detailing colour and begin the paint fine lines to create face on vase. Pinterest and the browsing the internet are useful tools to spark inspiration.

Step 4: Fill in any patches and even out mistakes.

Step 5: Add any extra details such as patters or extra colours to make it your own.

Step 6: Display proudly in your home.


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