How TV and film helped shape 80s fashion

The 1980s is a decade that is unforgettable for many reasons, from music and gaming, to films and tv shows. However, possibly one of the greatest things to come from the 8os is fashion, and many trends are still worn today, like acid wash, high-waisted jeans and the power suit.

Film and TV were very influential over fashion trends in the 80s and, this can be seen with the TV series Miami Vice. The main character wore a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, which meant that the viewers also wanted to wear the famous sunglasses. According to Cheatsheet‘Ray-Ban had sold 1.5 million pairs’ due to the TV series.

During the 80s, the term ‘yuppie’ began to be used, to describe younger people with highly paid jobs. This was a time where women began to strive for jobs, which at the time; were mainly dominated by males. This meant that these women wanted to present themselves as successful women. Because of this, it was popular for women to wear a lot of jewellery, bright makeup and a power suit. The TV show Dynasty, which was about a wealthy family, had a great influence over the popularity of power dressing and soon became an iconic fashion trend of the decade.

If you need some inspiration for 80s fashion, there are lots of films that perfectly showcase trends of the time. Some of which to mention are:

  • Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
  • Flashdance (1983)
  • The Breakfast Club (1985)
  • Back to the Future (1985)

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